When our puppies arrive they are treated with the utmost care and love. All
        puppies are properly bathed, nails are clipped and ears are cleaned. They are
        thoroughly examined individually by our on staff vet and given their up to date
        vaccinations. During their stay, the puppies are loved, cared for and socialized
        daily. They are fed with all natural puppy food containing only human grade
        ingredients. We offer this food along with other basic puppy necessities that we
        have conveniently packaged so as to make the transition as smooth as possible
        for you and your new companion.




For a price quote or to set up an appointment call 270-2447

Puppy Special**

$25.00 for puppies up to 6 months Includes:
bath, brush, blow out, nails, ears, face, feet, and
sanitary areas trimmed. Also bows or bandana.

3 Standard Options
(prices are estimates)

BEN** - includes bath, brush, blow out, nails, ears.

FSG** - includes a BEN plus face, feet, and sanitary areas trimmed.
No body hair cut.

PREM - includes FSG plus full hair cut.

All Baths include facial scrub, shampoo especially
for their coat and skin and conditioner.

Also perfume, bows, and bandana available upon request.
(no additional fee)

Available Add-Ons

Tooth brushing $10.00
Shed less treatment $12.00
Flea bath $10.00
Anal glands $10.00
Nails $10.00
Ears $5.00
Nails & Ears $12.00

Touch Up Package**

Just $25.00
No bath just brush out, nails, and ears.

**Dogs can not be matted

Additional charges will apply for matted dogs and dogs with
heavy shedding requiring more than 30 minutes of brushing.

Groomer has the right to refuse groom due to aggression